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W3QA have taken the effort out of cross browser testing. With Hermes you can run automated tests on 106 different OS and browser version combinations instantly and in parallel!

Hermes is fully integrated with Saucelabs' purpose built Selenium infrastructure.

Do not waste time and money on the procurement and maintenance of test infrastructure.

Instead, access a reliable cloud infrastructure directly On-demand.

Contact us today and receive £30 worth of FREE access to cloud infrastructure.


Automated regression testing is vital for an effective Agile QA approach.

Hermes is the only test automation framework to be fully integrated with Selenium's entire suite of tools - including Selenium GRID.

Hermes comes with advanced reporting, analysis, debugging and enterprise level Java development capabilities, all accessed via Eclipse.

Hermes provides a powerful yet usable automation solution, making it the most popular Selenium framework in the world, with over 6,000 downloads.

It is available under an open source license and for FREE .


Using advanced automation tools effectively does require considerable skill and expertise.

When you need to build Selenium expertise we can help.

We offer a range of structured Selenium courses with options that can be tailored to your needs.

Courses are lab-based and focused on testing real web applications.

Prices start from £650 per day for each delegate.

Book today and receive £10 OFF all the daily rates.

If you wish to maintain Quality Assurance in difficult times here's a plan:

o Automate

It is neither possible nor desirable to automate all testing. However, without automation, testing is unscalable.

Manual testing is vital, but expensive. Test analysts should be focused on tasks where they are most effective, not on tasks that can be done by machines.

Make sure you have a QA automation strategy that is capable of identifying what and when to automate.


o When you automate - keep tests relevant and meaningful

Create automated tests that clearly describe business process and exercise acceptance criteria. Produce Executable Requirements instead of static documentation.

Evaluate test specification languages like FIT, Fitnesse, Selenese and RSpec.

o Use free and open source software

The largest test automation vendors (HP/Mercury, IBM/Rational, Compuware

and Borland) all charge thousands of pounds in license fees alone. Review any

commitment you have to these vendors. Plan to replace their tools with free Open Source Software alternatives where you can.

Evaluate the acclaimed In-browser automation tool - Selenium. It is the tool of choice for testing Rich Internet Applications that use technologies such as AJAX. It is also free.

o Use our free and open sourced automation framework - Hermes

Hermes is designed to meet the demands of Agile development. Test specifications are easily refactored and robust to change. It delivers enterprise level functionality with minimal configuration.



Hermes is used worldwide by every type of web enterprise and sector, including retail and investment banking, new media and digital publishing, gaming, on-line auctioneers and travel bookers.